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Tourism in Contemporary Society

Code: 175390
ECTS: 5.0
Lecturers in charge: prof. dr. sc. Renata Relja
Lecturers: Toni Popović - Seminar
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Lecture typeTotal
Lectures 30
Seminar 30
* Load is given in academic hour (1 academic hour = 45 minutes)
Introduction to contemporary theories, key concepts and issues about tourism within a sociological perspective, as well as methods of exploring tourism as a social phenomenon and phenomenon.
1. Tourism within the sociological discipline - course definition, development and positioning of the sociology of tourism (2 + 2 hours)
2. Empirical research within the sociology of tourism (2 + 2 hours)
3. Socio-psychological aspects of contemporary tourist phenomena / phenomena (2 + 2 hours)
4. Phenomenology of the tourist experience: types of tourists and attraction basis of the place (destination) (2 + 2 hours)
5. Tourism and inequalities: gender, race, class and nationality (2 + 2 hours)
6. Tourism policies and strategies (2 + 2 hours)
7. Typologies of tourism (eco-tourism, urban, selective, volunteer, cultural, religious, mass) (2 + 2 hours)
8. Social and environmental outcomes of tourism development: authenticity and commodification in tourism (2 + 2 hours)
9. Mega-events as new forms of tourism in urban areas (2 + 2 hours)
10. Responsible community based tourism (2 + 2 hours)
11. Croatian tourism (positioning and evaluation of heritage elements, status and perspectives) (2 + 2 hours)
12. Selective forms of tourism and sustainability: rural tourism in Dalmatia (2 + 2 hours)
13. Tourism, postmodern society and global processes: movement of people, places, objects and communication (2 + 2 hours)
14. Tourism Ethics (2 + 2 hours)
15. Tourism and Risks in Modern Society (2 + 2 hours
  1. Apostopoulos, Y., Leivadi, S., Yiannakis, A: The Sociology of Tourism. Theoretical and Empirical Investigations
  2. Veal, A. J: Research Methods for Leisure and Tourism (4 edition)
  3. Popović, T., Relja, R: Strategic Planning and Actors Perspectives in Rural Tourism. Mašek Tonković, A. ur. of Eastern Croatia Vision and Growth
  4. Šuran, F: Slobodno vrijeme, putovanje i turizam: sociološki pristup
Optional literature:
  1. Cohen, R., Kennedy, P. eds.: Global Sociology (3 edition)
  2. Franklin, A: Tourism: An Introduction
  3. Gossling, S., Hall, M: Tourism and Global Environmental Change: Ecological, Social, Economic and Political Interrelationships
  4. Hall, M: Tourism. Rethinking the Social Science of Mobility
  5. Horvat, B: Turizam u sociokulturološkoj perspektivi
  6. Jadrešić, V: Janusovo lice turizma. Od masovnog do selektivno-održivog turizma
  7. Papathanassis, A.; Lukovic, T.; Vogel, M: Cruise Tourism and Society: A Socio-economic Perspective
  8. Relja, R., Popović, T, Tomić, V: The Sustainability of Tradition in the Dalmatian Hinterland through Green Entrepreneurship. The International Journal of Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies, 11(2)
  9. Rogić, I., Mišetić, A., Zimmermann,R. ur.: Kuća pokraj mora
  10. Wyllie, R. W: An Introduction to Tourism
1. semester
Mandatory course - Regular studij - Single Major Graduate Study Programme in Sociology
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