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Split, a city rich in historic monuments, was founded within the walls of the palace of the Roman emperor Diocletian, close to Salona, the capital of the Roman province of Dalmatia, which was to become one the centres of the mediaeval Croatian state. In the city there are numerous museums and galleries engaged in the research, presentation, protection and upkeep of the cultural heritage of Central Dalmatia, dating back to Illyrian times; these institutions include the Archaeological Museum, the Museum of Croatian Archaeological Monuments, the Conservation Department of the Ministry of Culture, the City Museum of Split, the Gallery of Fine Arts, the I. Meštrović Gallery, etc. Outstanding art historians, archaeologists and conservators work in these institutions and this has resulted in many students deciding to study art history in Split.

The Study Programme in Art History includes studies of the latest scientific discoveries in the fields of Art History, urbanism and design, contemporary visual art and visual culture phenomena, and art theory. The starting point of the study programme is a scientific, interdisciplinary and critical approach to Art History, and students will also be presented with the latest discoveries in the fields of the national history of art, archaeology, urbanism and conservation from the perspective of well reputed art historians, archaeologists and architects, along with the latest scientific and critical approaches to contemporary theory and criticism.

Since this programme has been created according to the Bologna principles it is comparable to programmes of related studies in Croatia and other European universities.

The Study of Art History organized at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences is divided into two cycles - the undergraduate degree programme and the graduate programme.

The undergraduate degree programme at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences University of Split has been created to educate and train professionals in the field of art history up to a level necessary for the continuation of graduate studies in art history and other related disciplines.

The undergraduate programme has a duration of six semesters (three years) and is organized as a double-major study course. The student who successfully completes the undergraduate program with a sum total of 180 ECTS credits is awarded a BA title in Art History. 

The graduate degree programme at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences University of Split has a duration of four semesters (two years). The student who successfully completes the graduate program with a sum total of 120 ECTS credits is awarded an MA in Art History. 

Upon finishing the graduate degree programme the student is qualified to enroll in post-graduate studies and/or to work as a teacher of art history within a high school educational system, as well as in museums and galleries.



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Dr. Vedran Barbarić, Assistant Professor


Lidija Abaz

Margareta Vukojević

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Dr. Vedran Barbarić, Assistant Professor


Address: Poljička cesta 35, Split


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