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General information about the programme

The idea of initiating the study of pedagogy has been present since the implementation of studies at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Split. Also, it was recognized that there is a lack of professional colleagues – pedagogues and experts in the area of educational science – in the Croatian education system.

The proposed conception of the programme, in relation to the pace of study, possible student mobility and ECTS transfer system, is comparable with similar study programmes within the European Union. In its conception and part of its content, the programme is specific and differs from other similar programmes in that it essentially propels students towards the practical aspects of educational and pedagogical work. It is characterised by combining pedagogy with other courses of study, especially by being incorporated into the teaching methodologies of particular curricular subjects and education areas and being concerned with the pedagogical practice in schools and other education institutions. In the course of study the future pedagogue/educational scientist is given an opportunity of directly applying and empirically verifying pedagogical theories in everyday practice.

This orientation is also encouraged at the theoretical level by means of lectures, seminars and practical exercises conducted on a concrete substratum sample, as well as by immediate practice in pre-school institutions, primary and secondary schools, institutions educating children with special needs and children's homes.

Since this programme has been created according to Bologna principles it is comparable to programmes of related studies in Croatia and other European universities. The Study of Pedagogy organized at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences is divided into two cycles - the undergraduate degree programme and the graduate programme.

The undergraduate degree program at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Split, has been created to educate and train professionals in the field of pedagogy up to a level necessary for the continuation of graduate studies in pedagogy. The undergraduate program has a duration of six semesters (three years) and is organized as a double-major study course. The student who successfully completes the undergraduate program with a sum total of 180 ECTS credit is awarded a BA in Pedagogy. The three-year undergraduate study programme will qualify students for jobs such as associates/collaborators in educational institutions.

The graduate degree program at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Split, has a duration of four semesters (two years). The student who successfully completes the graduate program with a sum total of 120 ECTS credits is awarded an MA in Pedagogy with the right to enrol in both professional and scientific studies at the postgraduate level. Upon completing the graduate study programme the student will be qualified to work as a professional collaborator – pedagogue with pupils and their parents, teachers and educators in schools and rehabilitation centres,  as well as other education institutions dealing with persons of different ages. Furthermore, students which complete the graduate programme will be enabled to conduct research and scientific work at specialist and doctoral studies, research projects and participate in their life-long informal education and improvement, along with constantly promoting educational activities in their respective jobs.



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Head of department

Dr. Tonća Jukić, Associate Professor

+385 (0) 21 545 598

Secretary for department

Vesna Matijaš Rakonjac, Law Graduate

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ECTS coordinator

Dr. Anita Mandarić Vukušić, Assistant Professor

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Address: Poljička cesta 35 , 21 000 Split

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Ivana Batarelo Kokić Full Professor +385 (0) 21 545 598

Maja Ljubetić

Full Professor

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Tonća Jukić

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Ines Blažević

Assistant Professor

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Morana Koludrović Assistant Professor +385 (0) 21 545 586

Anita Mandarić Vukušić

Assistant Professor

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Joško Barbir


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