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Syntax of the Croatian Language

Code: 203994
ECTS: 4.0
Lecturers in charge: doc. dr. sc. Tanja Brešan Ančić
Lecturers: doc. dr. sc. Tanja Brešan Ančić - Speaking exercises
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Lecture typeTotal
Speaking exercises 30
Lectures 30
* Load is given in academic hour (1 academic hour = 45 minutes)
The main goal of the course is adoption of syntactical norm of Croatian language. The basic unit is sentence, which is observed as a language and as a communication unit, and syntactic phenomenons are observed within the boundaries of study the discourse or text. Corpus selection from different text types allows students insights of stylogenetic elements at the level of syntax.
1. Introduction to syntax (2L)
Initial examination; distribution of seminar topics (2E)
2. Nature of syntactic relationships I (2L)
Syntactic category I. (predicate, subject) (2E)
3. Nature of syntactic relations II. (2L)
Syntactic category II. (object , adverbial) (2E)
4. Theoretical basis for the study of syntax (2L)
Syntactic category III. (attribute, apposition) (2E)
5. Syntactic terminology I. (syntax) (2L)
Syntactic category IV. (Predicate compound); preparation for the exam (2E)
6. Syntactic terminology II. (phrase) (2L)
Syntactic category V. test (2E)
7. Syntactic terminology III. (syntagmatic relations, sentence, discourse) (2L) Independent clause I. (constituent; opposite; disconnection) (2E)
8. Space in the language (2L)
Independent clause II. (Cut-Off; Finishing) (2E)
9. Sentence as grammatical/ communication unit (2L)
Transformations I. (negation, question, exclamation, request) (2E)
10. Syntactic theory I. (transformational grammar) (2L)
Transformations II. (Passive, defacement); preparation for the exam (2E)
11. Syntactic theory II.(Valence theory) (2L)
Independent sentence and transformations (exam) (2E)
12. Syntaxstylistics I (Introduction) (2L)
Subordinate clause I. (subject, predicate, object; local) (2E)
13. Syntaxstylistics II. (Syntactic synonymy) (2L)
Subordinate clause II. (Weather; Modal; reciprocal; consequently) (2E)
14. Syntaxstylistics III. (Work on the text) (2L)
Subordinate clause III. (Subsidiary; contracting; attribute; appositional) (2E)
15. Synthesis of (2L)
Subordinate clause IV. (exam); order of syntactic units (2E)
  1. Barić, E. i dr.: Hrvatska gramatika
  2. Katičić, R.: Sintaksa hrvatskoga književnog jezika
  3. Silić, J., Pranjković, I.: Gramatika hrvatskoga jezika
Optional literature:
  1. Pranjković, I.: Hrvatska skladnja
  2. Pranjković, I.: Druga hrvatska skladnja
  3. Barić, E.: Hrvatski jezični savjetnik
  4. Barić, E. i dr.: Gramatika hrvatskoga jezika
  5. Chomsky, N.: Syntactic Structures
  6. Chomsky, N.: Aspects of the Theory of Syntax
  7. Peti, M.: Predikatni proširak
  8. Pranjković, I.: Koordinacija u hrvatskom književnom jeziku.
  9. Raguž, D.: Praktična hrvatska gramatika.
  10. Kuna, B.: Sintaksa padeža (zbornik radova)
  11. Kuna, B.: Sintaktičke kategorije (zbornik radova)
  12. Stolac, D.: Sintaksa u hrvatskim gramatikama u 20. st.
  13. Veber, A.: Skladnja ilirskoga jezika za niže gimnazije
  14. Znika, M.: Sintaktička norma hrvatskoga jezika u 20. stoljeću
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Passed : Morphology and Word Formation
3. semester
Mandatory course - Regular studij - Croatian Language and Literature
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