The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Split is a modern higher education and scientific research institution chiefly geared toward educating and professionally assisting scientists in the areas of education and humanistic studies. It focuses on interdisciplinary research of tangible and intangible cultures of the very diverse Mediterranean basin, from which Croatian culture arose. Similarities of context bring along a totality of mind-set, cultural, linguistic and ethnographic manifestations which have shaped this heterogeneous yet integral trans-ethnic and interregional social, geographical, and historical entity in which the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences distinguishes itself as a new, agile and enterprising higher education institution. From its very creation, the Faculty has operated in a climate of radical reduction of cultural and natural diversity in which the Adriatic region, inasmuch as it is a small sea region, is in greatest peril.

That is why this Faculty, at all three study levels, further affirms the rationale for its existence by enhancing the possibilities for Europe-wide recognition of the cultural heritage of the Adriatic and Mediterranean basin as one of the global resources for a sustainable development with future generations in mind. The fact that the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences is recognised as a scientific research institution has been confirmed through numerous successful scientific projects, international conferences and events it has organised, publications and, in particular, through the cooperation with renowned national and international scientific research and academic institutions carried out by its components, all in compliance with joint provisions presented in, among other documents, Development Strategy of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences as well as in other constitutional documents of the institution. The faculty's scientific results are evident from the great number of publications in renowned international journals and conference proceedings, and monographs. The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences has also been actively engaged in establishing national and international research cooperation, projects and scientific programmes, and has taken part in the activities of its own centres of research excellence as well as those of other such centres.

The Postgraduate Doctoral Studies in Humanities programme involves  teachers from the areas of humanistic and of social sciences. Teachers from the fields of philology (theory and history of literature, English studies, Croatian studies, Italian studies), philosophy, history, art history and the interdisciplinary area of cultural studies are involved in the area of the humanities. Teachers from the field of sociology areinvolved in the area of social sciences. The postdoctoral programme of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Split ensures a high quality study programme which is evident from the composition of its faculty. Of the total number of teachers involved (96), 57 are its own faculty.